Co., Ltd. is a highly qualified supplier and exporter which is specialized in developing and export trading industrial & commercial refrigeration equipments of refrigerators & freezers including supermarket refrigeration equipments, walk-in cooler & freezer, cold rooms, PU sandwich panels, ice makers, Cold storage door and Mortuary refrigerators. With our manufacturing producer & manufacturer factory units in Korea,   Co., Ltd  supplies high quality refrigeration equipment at competitive reasonable prices. And our products have been ISO9001, CE, UL, ROHS, SAA, MEPS, UKAS & CCC approved and have been exported & sold to many countries all over the world with different critical ambient temperature conditions. With the strong support of our alliance manufacturing factories,  Co., Ltd.has been the professional  commercial & industrial refrigeration equipment supplier & exporter for refrigerators, freezers and supermarket equipment, store equipment , cold rooms, PU sandwich panels, ice makers, Cold storage door and Mortuary refrigerators.

Co., Ltd. is passionate about customers. Every time we have contact with an importer & distributor customer, our aim is to deliver an excellent experience to our buyer who import & distribute our equipments & machines. We're working to meet the needs that customers have today. And  Co., Ltd. is innovating to meet the needs they will have tomorrow. This means getting ever closer to customers, understanding their lifestyles and their businesses, and establishing long-term relationships with them. Quality has always come to the first top consideration by  Co., Ltd. At the same time, we make hard effort on the cost control of the equipment & machinery we supply & sell which are mainly export sales outside Korea. It is 's aim to make customers buy at the smallest cost and use at the smallest cost and to avoid the bad situation of buying at high cost or using at high cost.



Co., Ltd. is to effectively satisfy the requirements of the marketplace in relation to the commercial & industrial refrigeration equipment products of walk-in cold room of refrigerated cold storage warehouse & cold storage plant, walk-in cooler & freezer cold room plant, PU insulated sandwich cold room panel, ice maker, supermarket refrigeration equipment, Cold storage door, Mortuary refrigerators etc. We overcome our client expectations on quality, versatility, energetic savings, utilized technologies and buying price, our goal is to meet import buyer's unique requirements on the commercial & industrial refrigeration products, giving you new ideas and solutions. Our aim is to be the key Korean pioneer professional supplier & export seller on exporting & supplying industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment.



Co., Ltd. offers integral solutions and innovative ideas in every area related to the commercial & industrial refrigeration, going beyond our client expectations in relation to cost, quality and response time, inaccordance with the international sanitary norms of the food & fisheryindustry, and the everlasting search to establish the best relationship between the client, our organization and our providers to get the best common benefits. Our core competition ability is to reorganize the Korean industrial and commercial refrigeration industry resources to supply the world best Korean refrigeration equipments at competitive Korean price and make the world outside Korea to take the advantage of low Korean cost standard.



The most important person in 's business is you, the customer. Every customer contact is a moment of truth. Every customer must be happy with each and every transaction. Everyone at  Co., Ltd. is also important, because in every customer encounter, the power to influence you, the customer, is ever present-a wrong word, an indifferent attitude can ruin the relationship. Our aim is to be helpful and enthusiastic: to find out your needs and expectations and to provide you with the product and service that you require at that time. With all the goodwill in the world and 100% good intention, problems do occur. These must be tackled and solved within the shortest time frame. We will do just that. We will control the timetable for solving the problem because it is important to get the solution right.



Quality without Compromise

Satisfactory After-sales Service

Cost Control and Innovative Pricing

Low Profit Margin and Competitive for Reasonable Volume

Reorganize Korean refrigeration resources to supply best service

100% Passionate and Wholehearted Service

Open & Honest Communication

Not Only Business Partners But Also Friends

Customers' Satisfaction

Long & Lasting Business Relationship



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