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Reefer containers
Refrigerated containers Refrireration containers Freezer storage container Fridge containers

Therapy Chamber
Whole Body Cryotherapy
Cryo Chamber
Chamber Therapy
Cryogenic systems

Preserving condition for vegetables and fruits


  * Small type Cold storage room Installation view



-  The best service

World Wide net work for the best service

-  Light and durable Panel

Excellent building with light and durable Panel

-  Safe to secure safe work

Double safe devices are installed

-  Reliable construction, Short period

Prompt installation for a short period

-  High quality

    Installing under the strict quality control from Panel to small assembly parts

-  Easy disjointing, moving, increasing

 It is easy to disjoint and increase as this is the panel type  

-  Excellent insulating 

We use excellent insulating Panel


  * Big type Cold storage room Installation view



This is the most suitable panel system for building a Cold storage room (Reefer, Chiller, reefer containers, Cooler, refrigeration
system ).


This is an innovative construction material which has not only perfect insulating effectiveness but also excellent keeping sanitary condition.


This can be satisfied to any complicated condition for refrigeration system which should preserve a precious goods at the most suitable temperature and at the most sanitary condition.




* Distinctive

1. Saving energy effective
2. Keeping excellent insulation
3. High effective for sanitary
4. Economical building cost
5. Assembling each equipment


* Usage


Cold storage room ( Reefer, Chiller, Walk in cooler, reefer containers, refrigeration system ) Quick freezing system,

Cold vehicle, Clean room,

Agricultural, Livestock, Fishery storage ( chiller )

Environmental laboratory, Food preserving storage


* Type and Specification


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